UCF Tech Transfer Initial Client Questionnaire
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Business Coaching and Mentoring

The UCF Venture Accelerator is staffed with seasoned coaches that have all “been there, done that” in the world of technology startup companies. All of our coaches have held various executive management positions at companies that they founded, and all have hands-on experience in bootstrapping and raising venture capital financing as part of launching and growing their companies.

In addition to general management experience with technology startups, our coaches have specific domains of expertise that include sales and marketing, finance, human resource/team development, and product development. Click HERE for detailed biographies of all of the Venture Accelerator coaches.

The UCF Venture Accelerator also has access to a network of outside service providers that complement our coaching services. These providers include attorneys, accountants, and other providers that are critical to the success of any high growth technology company.

Make an Apointment.
Please call 407.823.6384 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our coaches, or email us at venturelab@mail.ucf.edu.