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Business Plan assistance

The UCF Venture Accelerator coaches are all knowledgeable on what is needed in a well-defined business plan. The fact is that writing a good plan is actually the easiest step in the process. The hard work consists of contacting customers and partners in your prospective industry, doing extensive market research to validate the market potential of your product or service, defining business models that make sense, and creating realistic financials that are based on these business models.

The UCF Venture Accelerator provides technology entrepreneurs with educational workshops and advisory services that teach you how to conduct the market research and how to create profitable business models that increase the likelihood of attracting investors to your business. In addition, we provide a broad array of online templates and resources to assist you in creating a solid plan that is based on sound business practices.

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Some of the services we offer in order to assist you with creating a solid plan are as follows:

Business plan templates
Educational workshop series
Venture Accelerator library and market research tools
Access to our business coaches