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In all our surveys, Florida technology companies more often list Sales as their biggest challenge and the help they need most. The Venture Accelerator Lab is pleased to offer a comprehensive program to address this need. Our “High Watt Sales” program offers companies consulting services on how to establish the right “Sales Process” for their specific markets and products.
Our program is headed up by Frank Watts. He has a long career in high tech sales as a Sales Manager, General Manager, VP and EVP of sales as well as a significant consulting practice with numerous high tech companies. His consultative/alternative sales process has been implemented in numerous companies with above average results.
“High Watt Sales” provides the concepts behind consultative selling as well as specific training of tasks and activities customized for your markets for each step of the sales process. These include modules for “finding and activating” new opportunities, engagement activities for initial client consultation, customer on-site meetings, presentations and demonstrations. These will make up the steps of your custom sales process. With these in place, you will be able to identify the proper candidate to execute your program and monitor their execution. This allows you to know when your staff are on track long before you’re facing a revenue shortfall.
We provide training, guidebooks, templates, scripts and outlines for the entire process. Our program begins with initial training and is followed by three months of coaching your getting started with this process.
Who our program is for:

  • If you have had a bad experience hiring sales staff expecting them to know what to do only resulting in little results and lots of excuses.
  • If you have each period’s forecast have significant opportunities lost or delayed and no good answers as to the reasons.
  • If you are just launching your sales efforts and not sure who to hire, what to do or how to proceed.
  • If you have a revolving door of sales reps starting with optimism on how much they can do but find them leaving having produced little results.

Then our program may be just for you!
Click here to download our HighWatt Sales whitepaper for more information!
Let us unlock the mystery of selling with a proven sales and sales management process! Contact Frank Watts for more information.